This is not an urban planning blog – nor is this is not a blog reporting news about the state of Urban affairs across this country. This is, in short, a blog about happiness. About a hope that one day  soon, we will no longer be a slave to an environment we’ve been told to want – but never asked for. A dream in which we will all break free of the voluntary captivity we’ve placed ourselves in and live. By bike, by streetcar, by bus, or by train – we’ll live our lives and not be afraid. That we won’t have to spend 3 hours a day behind the wheel if we don’t want to. That we won’t have to spend an additional hour at the gym to make up for the lack of exercise these lifestyle “choices” result in. This is a blog about things I desperately want – and I think you do too, whether or not you know it yet. Also, it may be a place to bitch and moan about why we don’t have them yet.


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